Life is Going On

Some people believe that the world's on fire,

yet life is going on.

Others are worried that their lives will expire,

yet life is going on.

Some people are praying to Gods and to spirits,

yet life is going on.

Others aren't worried about religion or merits,

yet life is going on.

Some people are fighting over who gets their way,

yet life is going on.

Some people are saying that they're wasting their days,

yet life is going on.

I can't say whether it's for better or worse,

but life is going on.

So even if you have just five seconds to live,

use them to remind yourself

that life is going on.


Life is Going On is a poem about life. I had actually written it today (15-Mar-2020) after reading Patric McDonnell's The Art of Nothing. It's a book celebrating the 25-year anniversary of his comic strip, Mutts, which is one of my favourite comic strips of all time. The Art of Nothing was a good read for me, and it inspired me to take more of a carefree and psuedo-Taoist way of thinking.

This poem itself is about what people do in life. Everyone goes abot their daily lives in their own routine, which sometimes involves a lot of stress, pressure, or even dogma. We all act as if the things in our worlds are the most important things of all. We sometimes even act as if the world is ending when our routine is disturbed. We argue about politics, religion (or lack thereof), and loads upon loads of things that seem to mean the whole world to ourselves.

Yet, somehow, life goes on.

Another inspiration for this poem was this Calvin and Hobbes comic strip: