The Reaper

The Reaper follows the villagers as they race down the road. They scramble forwards, struggling to sprint forward to escape The Reaper’s grasp. The Reaper, however, moves forward slowly, surely, and constantly. She has always moved in such a way, and never found a reason to go otherwise. The villagers wear themselves down, some tripping others so that the tripper may stand a better chance. It doesn’t matter to The Reaper. To her, they will all be worn down, be it in minutes or in months. She will reap their souls and send them forth to the warm Empire of Spirits. Had The Reaper ever chose to speak, she would ask why everyone is so afraid of being welcomed into the afterlife.


This is just something I made for an English project. I had the idea to be a representation of time, where the threat of death pushes everyone forward in the same way that time does. You either let your life go on as it is, or you end it.

The last sentence is sort of a commentary on religion. If religious people believe so much in the afterlife, then why are they still as terrified of death as all the rest of us? This isn't, of course, to speak of all religious people, and I will admit that such a premise is pretty fallacious. After all, just because the afterlife is welcoming, that doesn't mean that there's still a lot to live for in the real world.

Besides, no matter what you believe, once you cross over, there's no coming back.