Reddit Has Won

This is just a dumb edit of Chumbawumba's album title, "The Boy Bands Have Won..." I made it to be used as some dumb copypasta, so go wild and spam it on social media or something stupid like that.

Reddit has won,

and all the copyists and the subreddits and the Discord server admins have won, if we allow our online world to be shaped by normalfaggotry, whether from laziness or from lack of respect for those who host their own forums and websites. You should never try to minimize online discussion to only a couple sites. What you can do is congregate elsewhere. Take your friend's old HTML website and re-style it, re-fashion it to the point where it's a serviceable discussion board. But don't just keep it to a niche discussion, or hold sites like Reddit as alternatives; rather, you must demonise these websites as the monopolistic traffic absorbers that they are. The people who still post on Reddit or advertise any subreddit are, like the hosters and admins themselves, doing online culture the worst disservice, because the only thing you can do for online discussion that will damage it is to minimize a community to only Reddit or Discord. Because then, it dies, then it's over, then it's done, and Reddit has won.