Take My Love

Take my love before you leave;

Discard it if you must,

But know it stretches far beyond

The intensity of lust.

In just one moment, you'll be gone,

But human you are still.

Therefore, you deserve all the love

Bequeathed in any will.


Take My Love was written as a goodbye to someone who was leaving the "online world," in a manner of speaking. As romantic as this poem is, she and I never really had a romantic experience together (at least not a real one). Later on, I found out that she never actually left, and had just moved to a different account so that she'd be away from people she knew. She said that she needed to get away from these people in order to get better, but when I met her again, she seemed to have only gotten worse.

I don't know if I miss her. I miss the way she acted before she "left;" she was caring, even if she denied it and acted out. Hell, the only reason she was nice to me was because she was on painkillers. When the meds wore off, she turned back into an apathetic cunt. My feelings about her have always been mixed, and it's needless to say that they still are.

I shouldn't think about her anymore, hahaha.