The Internet is a medium that's often been described as strange, spontaneous, and downright chaotic. A medium which far more people know of than about. Even among we who spend our daily lives entangled in the Web, we're prone to have the specifics of online communication fly above our heads. Despite this, as the reality of servers and fiber-optics is understood by a select group of experts, there still exists a world hidden in the wiring.

The Physnet, as its residents call it, is a realm best described as a physical manifestation of the Internet. Anything to exist online - every website, program, game, or document - exists, too, in the Physnet. You might call it a parallel dimension; one where the existence of anything is entirely reliant on that same item's presence on the Internet.

While nobody knows for sure how to get to the Physnet, there are some people who have become close enough with their avatars to find out what the layout of the Physnet looks like from the avatars' perspectives. (And if you don't know what an "avatar" is, you'll learn soon enough!) This guide will walk you through the Physnet through the eyes of its inhabitants, and hopefully it will assist in the ongoing task of finding a way to access the Physnet for ourselves.