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To simplify the fundamentals of the Physnet, let's get ourselves acquainted with an Avatar living in the Physnet and learn about his computer and software.

COMPUTER ENVIRONMENT High-rise apartment
FAVORED TEXT FILE FORMAT Shorter .txt files show up as papers written on a typewriter, while longer .txt or .rtf files appear as tablets similar to Kindles. Paper text files can be edited in hi typewriter in just the same way that one would write on Notepad, while tablet text files must print out their contents before he slides them into the typewriter. Once the edits are complete, he feeds the paper into the tablet, which updates and saves all changes. This is effectively the same as clicking "save" in a text editor.
FAVORED AUDIO FORMAT CDs, casettes, and vinyls. The format of each file depends on his mood, the file's sound quality, or the file's age.
FAVORED AUDIO PLAYER A silver-and-blue Grundig boombox for CDs and casettes, as well as a modern record stand. Occasionally uses Windows Media Player to view audio visualizations by hooking it up as a projector.
FAVORED AUDIO EDITOR Unravels the spiral tracks of CDS and vinyls, and unwinds the tapes of casettes. Edits them by splicing in Audacity, although he finds it easier to edit audio in Sony Vegas.
FAVORED VIDEO FORMAT Same "postcard" format as images. When he plays one on his wall, it becomes a flatscreen TV.
FAVORED VIDEO PLAYER VLC; takes the postcard format.
FAVORED VIDEO EDITOR Sony Vegas; appears as a video editing studio. The individual video-postcards are stretched out into a video reel, which is then edited via splicing, frame dissolving, etc.