A collection of short stories/poems written for my university's creative writing class.

Artist's Statement:

Drafts is my idea of a clever title for a creative writing portfolio. The various works within cover a variety of topics: humour, philosophy, self-deprecation, and (unfortunately) politics.

How to Halfass a College Paper is a humorous short story that heavily uses self-deprecation to its advantage, and is admittedly a sort of semi-autobiography. Everything is Art, meanwhile, is a meditation on how different careers and hobbies are all forms of art. Everything we create, be it practical or just good-looking, is a product of artistic expression. The Man and Black and Blue, meanwhile, are two political commentaries that I tried to make as thought-provoking as possible. The Man is about people who blame everything on some sort of higher force (the government, the 1%, etc), while Black and Blue displays one of the many reasons as to why I refuse to pick sides in the “_____ Lives Matter” fiasco. It’s not the most compelling or outrageous reason, but rather, one that I think people from both sides of the political “spectrum” would be able to connect with. As for Gay Nazis, it’s simply a confession about a relationship I once had. Nothing special.