Buttons & Icons

As of recently, I've gotten myself into the practice of making buttons and icons. Feel free to use any of these for yourselves; credit is appreciated, but not necesarry!

This one's just a simple banner I made with some art that someone was generous enough to draw of my character... I'll post it to the "Friends' Geno Art" page once I have the chance. It doesn't really serve any purpose aside from being my forum signature on Agora Road, but I might eventually spread it around NeoCities as an official banner.

These were originally made for Physnet, until I eventually realized how useless they'd be. They're just re-creations of what I consider to be the "main" neighborhoods in the style of Districts's buttons.

These are just some unused buttons that I made way back when I was first making this site. Because they weren't links to pages on this site, though, I figured that it would be more helpful to scale them down to the 31x31 buttons that you see today.

It'd be very rude of me to not link to some other sites that were kind enough to let me make buttons for them...

Fungimancy is someone I've talked about before, who wants to see if computers can be powered by fungi.
Black Mage is someone else who was kind enough to let me make a button for him, too!

These icons were made to express music interests, and not really anything more. I plan on making more in the future, and hopefully other people out there would like to use these for their own sites/profiles!

Also, I hope nobody's too touchy about the "Slav" icons... I listen to a lot of post-punk from various Slavic bands (Ukranian, Belarusian, and Russian, to be specific), and couldn't think of any good iconography to tie the whole region together. I figured that any communist symbols would be in bad taste, so I just went for the Adidas stripes. If anyone can think of a better icon for the Slavic states, I'd really appreciate it!

Some icons for a few anime that I really enjoy. I mostly just made these because I couldn't find any buttons on my own, so I took to GIMP.

And finally, an icon for the big man himself...